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Schaeffer HealthCare provides insurance for over 3,000 customers nationwide and were in need of a new logo, website and social media strategy. I worked with Will Schaeffer to create a full brand package to better serve his customers and attract new customers from the 45 states that he works in. This strategy included rebranding his company as Schaeffer HealthCare and designing a complete sales funnel to generate more leads.

View the new website here:

Project Description: 

  • Branding Oversight
  • Logo Design
  • Photos
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Campaigns

Read more about Schaeffer HealthCare below:

I am basically the Carmax of health insurance. Due to the amount of plans at my disposal, I can provide you with a Lexus plan or a Pinto plan depending on your personal needs and budget. I specailize in customizable, comprehensive healthcare solutions with nationally recognized carriers. My goal is not to simply enroll you in a policy, its to build a long lasting relationship so that regardless of what trends, regulations or climate the industry is in you know you’ll have someone in your corner helping you along the way for years to come.

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